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Lifeline Renew [http://amp.uk.net/news/4490]::[caption id=attachment_4491 align=alignright width=150] Lifeline Renew logo[/caption]

We are pleased to announce that... Pilot scheme aims to... [http://amp.uk.net/news/4466]:: 

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A summer pilot scheme to help build community cohesion and tackle crime has been s... Youth Opportunity Fu... [http://amp.uk.net/news/4392]::Youth Opportunity Fund

We are pleased to announce that Tower Hamlets Integrated Youth and Community Services (IYCS) w... The Cutting East Fil... [http://amp.uk.net/news/4435]::Now in its second year, it has been programmed by a group of 12 local young people who have been working over six months... My Future [http://amp.uk.net/news/4423]::Targeted Youth Support will be holding a fair for Young People looking for Education, Training and Employment on 26th Ju... BMX SESSIONS [http://amp.uk.net/news/4420]::Tower Hamlets Council in partnership with Tower Hamlets BMX Club will be running BMX Sessions at:

BMX Track, Mile End...

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