Sexual Health

It’s perfectly normal to be slightly embarrassed discussing sex and sexual health problems. In fact, most of us would want to run a mile if our parents mentioned genital warts! But it’s really important to educate yourself fully about safe sex as there are so many myths out there, and if you get it wrong then the impact on your health could be very serious. Being aware of the responsibilities that come with having sex and being in a relationship can help you to protect yourself and others from regret, unintended pregnancies, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Certain skills are needed to help you negotiate safe sex, for example, being assertive, which means knowing how to say no if you are not ready, knowing how far you want to go and using protection during sex. This will enable you to avoid making and repeating mistakes so that you and your partner can remain safe.

Remember knowledge is power.  Having the right information will help you make sensible choices. Luckily there’s plenty of websites and clinics in the borough that can help you make the right choices. Check out the links below for more info.

KNOW YOUR OPTIONS – Find out information and timings of your local sexual health clinics.

YOU’RE WELCOME – Talking about your sexual health with a stranger can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. To help with this You’re Welcome Young Assessors have been working on your behalf to inspect sexual health services across the borough to ensure that they are young people friendly. So far eleven settings have been approved by these young people and have received their accreditation. Details of opening times and services offered for these can be found here.

Other useful links: